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ASP.NET and C# Programming


ASP.NET is a server-side Web Application Framework that was designed for Web development that would enable dynamic Web pages.  We pages are no longer static (unchanging).  Real-time information can be accessed via the Web browser interface.  Information that is requested by the viewer is processed at the server and then translated into the language needed to be seen in the viewer's browser.

ASP.NET Web pages allows for the creation of dynamic content. With a static HTML page (.htm or .html file), the server returns a Web request by reading the file on the server and sending it as-is to the browser. An ASP.NET Web page (.aspx file) runs as a program on the Web server. While the page is being run, tasks can be performed, such as calculating values, reading or writing database information, or interacting with other programs. Then as its output, the page dynamically generated in a language that is understood by browsers (elements in HTML or another markup language) and it sends this dynamic output to the browser.

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