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By definition, a network is a group of two or more computer systems and/or devices that are linked (have the ability to communicate) together, either wired or wireless.

Many types of computer networks exist, including:

  • local-area networks (LANs) : The computers are geographically close together (that is, in the same building).
  • home-area networks (HANs): A network limited to a user's home.
  • wide-area networks (WANs) : The computers are farther apart and are connected by telephone lines or radio waves.
  • campus-area networks (CANs): The computers/devices are within a limited geographic area, such as a campus.
  • metropolitan-area networks MANs): Designed for a town or city.
  • There are also characteristics that are used to categorize different types of networks:

  • Architecture : Networks can generally be classified as using either a peer-to-peer or client/server architecture.
  • Protocol : The protocol defines a common set of rules and signals (language) that computers on the network use to communicate. These can include, for LANs is called Ethernet, Token-ring.
  • Topology : The geometric (physical or logical) arrangement of a computer system. Common topologies include a bus, star, and ring.
  • Aspect that need to be considered:

    • Is the foundation stable, secure, efficient, scalable and does it meet the needs of the network?
    • Does the network help with interpersonal communications.  Is it efficient and effective for emails, messaging, chats, telephones, Viop, video?
    • Does it allow for secure data, file and information sharing, ensuring proper authorization and access?
    • Does it allow for the sharing of resources, such as printers, scanners, burners, etc...?
    • Is the network secure?  Could it be attacked by hackers, viruses, or be a victim to denial of access?
    • Does it interfere with other technologies or do other technologies interfere with network operations?


    Each choice/need/aspect has its own set of issues to be addressed.  In some cases the answers are simple, in some cases they are complicated.  Let us discuss with you the pros and cons of the options that could apply to your situation.
    Let Net Services of Amarillo assist you and/or your company is setting up your Network.