Net Services of Amarillo

Risk Assessment

The following is a risk assessment.

Answer the questions and add up your score. Then compare your score to the table at the bottom. This will give you an idea of the amount of exposure you have to information loss.

What type of information is stored on your computer?     How often are the tapes verified?  
Letters and reports +10 Every time a backup is done -50
Client records +50 Periodically +50
Accounting databases +100 Never +100
Critical business information +200    
If all your information was lost including your backups, how long would it take an employee to re-enter the information?   How often do you evaluate your backup strategy?  
1 Week +10 Weekly -50
4 Weeks +30 Monthly -10
6 Months +50 Yearly +50
1Year +70 Never +100
Do you keep paper records in case of an emergency?   Where are you storing your tapes?  
Yes -100 Off-site in a data storage vault -200
No +100 At home -100
    In a safe at the office -20
How often do you perform a full backup?   Next to the computer +200
Daily -50 We don't do backups +500
Weekly 0    
Monthly +50 Who has access to the computer?  
Yearly +100 (check all that apply)  
    Trusted, computer skilled employees -50
How is the backup done? People without computer training +30
Automatically -50 Unskilled employees +50
Manually, by a skilled person +10 Employees who will quit soon +100
Other +50    
    How many computers do you have?  
How long do you keep the copies?   1 0
Use the same tape everyday +100 2-10 +70
One week +20 11-20 +100
One month +30 Over 20 +200
One year +50    
    Is the computer networked?  
    Yes +200
    No +0

Now tally up your score and compare it to the table below.

Less than 0 Very Little Risk. You either don't have very much critical data on your computer, or your backup plan is probably adequate.
0-100 Slight. If you experience a non-catastrophic loss of data, you will probably be able to recover from it.
101-200 Moderate Risk. A loss of your data from your hard drive may not be recoverable. You are at a risk of losing your information
201-500 High Risk. Any major data loss would be catastrophic, and would probably not be recoverable. Your business is at risk.
Over 500 Extremely high risk. Your backup plan isn't protecting your data. This could cause a business failure in the event of a catastrophic data loss