Net Services of Amarillo

Drive Erasure

Deleting, Formatting or Partitioning a drive does not remove your data!

Make Net Solutions of Amarillo your digital shredder.

Are you planning to dispose of your computer or hard drive (tape media and Zip disks)? Are you upgrading to a bigger drive and getting rid of your old drive? Before you sell, donate or throw away your computer or drives, you should securely erase all of the software on the drive.

Just because you have deleted, formatted or repartitioned your hard drive, does not mean that your data has been erased. It is still on the drive there until it has been overwritten.

Protect your:

  • Organization's confidential data (accounting, clients, contacts, employees, etc...)
  • Your personal information (taxes, Quicken/Quickbooks/Money, photos, emails, etc...)
  • Identity

Trust Net Solutions of Amarillo as a hard drive cleansing solution. To maximize security, Net Solutions of Amarillo uses the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) standard for hard drive sanitization as specified in the 5220.22-M operating manual.

Net Solutions of Amarillo can:

  • Delete selected confidential files securely, such that they are not recoverable
  • Wipe free drive space and clear slack space, to get rid of sensitive data from deleted files, esp. temporary files.
  • Clean formerly used NTFS file records, which contain filenames and other data
  • Erase logical drives or entire physical disks completely and irreversibly, e.g. to produce forensically clean target media or to sanitize media before re-use in a different environment or before donating.
  • Copy files from classified media without slack space overhang.