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Off Site Data Storage

Net Services of Amarillo Media Storage Vault  

With all of the security breaches of data storage computers and the skimming of Internet traffic, do you trust that your information is stored/transferred securely with a remote back up service?  Take control of your data by backing it up "in house" and having the media stored off-site (in the event of a fire, theft, tornado, etc...)

Net Services of Amarillo we know that part of your data protection needs include the storage of your backup media. For those individuals who are performing their own backups, we provide an off-site storage facility. Whenever you perform your own back up, you should consider storing (in rotation) your previous end of week copy off site. With this type of protection you can be assured that even in the event of a fire your data will be safe.

We offer off-site data storage to ensure that we will meet almost every need.


All media is stored in a safe that is designed to protect media. Do not be fooled by safes designed to protect paper, they do not protect media in the event of a fire!

We understand the need you will have when you require your data backup. Our staff is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, for emergency access. Standard access is during regular business hours (9 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday thru Friday)

Local Clients - Courier service is available at a nominal fee during business hours, there is also emergency after hours service/delivery.

Nationwide Clients - We work with FedEx, UPS and DHL to transport data media to and from our facility in Amarillo, Texas.  Data media is transported in Turtles for the best protection.  So no matter where you are located, your data can be back the next day.

Monthly storage fees depend on the amount of space being occupied.  We base our fees on the cubic inch of space (as low as $0.15 per C.I.) used (plus a $20 per month administrative fee - waived when courier service is contracted), this data security is extremely cost-effective.

Our entire complex is protected by a central station alarm/fire and CCTV.
Our vault storage facility is underground in a concrete "tomb" and climate controlled.
Barcode Tracking of media.  (if applicable)
All vault modules are individually sealed.
Each module is designed to exceed the standard for media storage for heat and humidity.
Access is denied to all but Net Services of Amarillo employees.
All courier vehicles are unmarked. This assures you of the finest care and security.


Net Services of Amarillo Media Storage Vault
Net Services of Amarillo Media Storage Vault