Net Services of Amarillo

Business Philosophy/Model

What seems to be a unique perspective.

Who are we?

We are a group of independent technicians/consultants/developers who have come together to help the average business owner/home owner with their Networking/Web Development/Data Loss Prevention needs with cost effective, and when available, free services.



  • According to the SBA, almost 62% have 0-4 employees and 80% of all businesses in the U.S. have 9 employees or less.

  • These companies, as well as many home owners, have similar needs for an IT professional as the larger companies, but maybe the need is only once or twice a year.

  • The majority of smaller organizations/home owners can utilize free or low cost online services to meet their technology needs.

  • The majority of smaller business owners /home owners may not be aware of these free or low cost online services.



A consulting/development company which assists home owners/companies in solving their technology needs, without service contracts, billing in 15 minute (or portion thereof) intervals, supplying equipment solutions without middleman charges and using free or low cost solutions for Web Design/Networking/Data Loss Prevention.



We believe that billing should be simple. We charge:

  • $120/hour (15 minute intervals or portion thereof) for labor.
  • $15 Trip charge (inside Amarillo city limits) Labor is NOT charged while in transit.
  • $25 Trip charge outside of Amarillo city limits but within 30 "road miles" from the I-27/I-40 interchange.
  • Distances farther are based upon the standard IRS mileage rate plus $25/per hour labor.
  • In most cases, "Equipment" will be purchased by the client (based upon Net Services recommendations) and shipped directly to the client (from the client's choice of vendors) and therefore we would not be charging for equipment.