Net Services of Amarillo

Below are some of the common statements that we hear from people who call.


Information Technology (IT) Services are expensive

  • While Information Technology (IT) Services can be expensive, they can save a company (you) money many times the cost of the service.
  • We strive to keep our overhead, and our clients overhead, as low as possible.
  • We are specialists. It is our knowledge and skill that is offered.  We strive to be as efficient as possible, thus reducing the amount of labor time billed to a job.
  • Jobs can be simple or complicated, only you (the client) can determine what you want/need.
  • Use Net Services only when you need us.

*Our technology, capabilities, and experience enable us to offer high quality services at affordable prices.


I can do it myself

  • While it is always possible for an individual to perform IT Services, consider your learning curve. How much money would be lost while learning how to do the work?
  • A large percentage of "arm chair" IT work performed has led to inappropriate work being performed.  Systems can be vulnerable without the proper technology, tools, and expertise.  This causes more expense in the long term.


Do you do everything in regards to IT Services?

  • We do not.  When we encounter an aspect where we are unfamiliar, we inform the client. Nobody can know everything about every aspect of IT services. 
  • One of two things happens.  Either it is an aspect for which we can (and want to) acquire the knowledge/skills. Or if not, we will forward the client to an appropriate provider.  If we do choose to acquire the requested knowledge/skills, we do not charge the client for any cost to acquire such knowledge/skills.

Your competition can do it cheaper

  • One should compare the overall "cost of ownership" to a job.  A lower hourly rate may be compensated for by increasing the billable hours.  Cheap equipment may not service your needs in the future as you grow and therefore need to be replaced.
  • We are confident that our technology, capabilities, and experience enable us to offer the most affordably priced and high quality services available.
  • We pride ourselves on providing quality services and successful results that companies and individuals can depend on.

How do you bill for equipment cost?

  • Equipment sales are not part of our business model.
  • Occasionally equipment is needed for a client's project.  When it is required, we will offer several solutions from various manufacturers.  We will discuss the pros and cons of each recommendation with the client.
  • We will inform the clients where the equipment may be purchased directly (and shipped to the client), thus eliminating any middleman.
  • The client makes the final decision over the equipment to be purchased and orders the equipment themselves.
  • Once the equipment arrives, we will do our part of the project.